How to Join

We appreciate your inquiry into ALPFA, where you will discover new opportunities for growth and success. To join, simply speak with an ALPFA member at the membership table in Mihaylo Court from August 23rd to September 13th. Once your form is approved at the membership table, the final step is a $30 submission for your semester's enrollment!

Networking Socials

Our extensive network of professionals come from diverse backgrounds, and will be beneficial when hosting social events throughout the semester. Our goal is to build relationships between our members and professionals.

Community Service

As a student organization within the city of Fullerton, we find community service to be a vital component of our core values. Serving the people of the community is how we wish to contribute. To meet this objective, we plan to incorporate service activities such as assisting first generation college attendees, financial literacy education, and aid for homeless members of our community.